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Reduce costs and simplify your maintenance budget with Refrigeration Services Inc's unique solutions for your business.

Regional Service to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.
Supporting our regional and national customers with industry leading technology Refrigeration Services, Inc. is a world class service organization with over 40 techs available 24/7.  Our national and regional service branch provide design, installation, preventative maintenance, service, and a full range of quickly available aftermarket parts. A 24/7 service call center, centralized office and continued education support Refrigeration Services, Inc's well-trained service technicians. 

With our customer database and communications tools, our dispatchers can communicate with technicians in real time to help us address your emergency needs as rapidly as possible, often letting us review service histories and diagnose problems before we arrive. Saving you time and money.

Energy Efficiency And Reduced Repair Cost
Refrigeration Services Inc believes that proper maintenance is the key to saving our customers money. Proper maintenance increases and maintains hvac and refrigeration unit's efficiency as well giving insight to prevent problems before they occur. When we can spot an issue before it becomes a problem, you keep your product fresh and your customers comfortable.

Simplify Billing
Instead of spending hours reviewing invoices and paying several different vendors, Refrigeration Services Inc can provide you with one invoice monthly for all locations. 

Simplify Budgeting 
Refrigeration Services, Inc. has the ability to set up a maintenance program where you are billed a single annual rate to keep all of your refrigeration and HVAC systems running. Our techs plan and schedule preventative maintenance visits to keep downtime low. Repairs become our responsibility, so you can budget and plan more accurately.  

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